Adeolu Adefarasin


Catch Your Breath And Look Up

Sadly, one of the easiest things to do as a Christian is to turn your back on God. It happens so slyly, so unconsciously we don't notice until the distance seems insurmountable. But for God, the distance is never insurmountable.

I don't know how many times I've said it, or how many times I'll say it after this, maybe when my heart has fully learned the lesson that my head has.

There is danger in comfort!

It is easier to know to be guarded when there are attacks, when you see the devil coming after different areas of your life, you stop, you pray, 'Jesus take the wheel!' The danger i find is when things are going well, God is blessing you, doors are opening and you suddenly feel like you got good at God. Next thing you know, you're reading the Word less or not at all, pray is a lackadaisical activity and no longer a conversation, hearing from God seems like an impossibility, but work is still flowing and provision is still there so you don't take the time to fix it. Satisfaction is a painful place to be, we can never know all of God, so we should never feel like we know enough, keep seeking deeper, richer relationship with God.

Lately I've seen God show up for me in different aspects of my life, all across the boarder, but I've had to acknowledge less time spent in the Word and in prayer. I got comfortable, the blessing was a sign I was doing well.

Lesson number one! God's blessing is never deserved, it's not a gift or reward for good deeds. "The Lord giveth and He taketh away." It is the work of His Wisdom, He chooses to bless us and it is not based on who came top in Bible Study class.

God's gifts on earth can always be applied to purpose, they are never just a trophy for your mantelpiece.

The one thing we need to remember is the thing that counts most here, is the will of God and we can only align ourselves with that through a continuous love relationship with God.

There is no shame in backsliding, it happens to EVERYONE! Shame is what the devil uses to make you distance yourself from God, because God will never distance Himself from you. Simply take a breath, and set your eyes on Him, return to Him in prayer, in time spent in the Word, show HIm your thirst for Him and God will NEVER disappoint.

It doesn't happen overnight, this walk is a continuous test of your patience, are you ready to wait on God. To let Him show you all He has in store for you and not just settle for good enough.

Look past the pain, the trial, God is ALWAYS at work. It's never too late and you're never too far gone.

I recent went to and watch the play Gula! The powerful story of this hardened criminal who self confessed has killed over 100 people, eaten human flesh, robbed countless people and while in prison,  met former President Obasanjo and gave his life to Christ, and is now a pastor and in strong devoted relationship with God. It is truly never too late, God's love will always meet you wherever you are.