Adeolu Adefarasin


Sacrifice For The Love Of God

One of the first questions I get asked pretty often is, 'How do you manage your career and your relationship with God in the entertainment industry?'

First things first this article is not going to have the answer, 'cause I'm still working on it, and even if it had my answer it may not work for you.

Even if I were to put my faith to the side for a minute, and just talk about moral values, we all have them, but there is nowhere like the entertainment industry to make you second guess the worth of your values. Because image and perception is such a huge part of success in this industry, things will always look picture perfect to the outsider. The industry is slow, it takes a long haul to breakout the way we all dream of or hope for. When you're in that slow, seemingly never ending season you will definitely wonder if it will be a little faster if you compromised on your values here and there.

When I first graduated Uni and was entering this industry I drew up a list, that I still have to this day of things I am and am not willing to do and I stick to it. It's important to keep going back to why you don't do those things because compromise is a very slippery slope. You may start with one thing on your 'don't' list that seems small and like a minor sacrifice for great growth but that will often lead to bigger compromises and down a darker path.

When it comes to God, trust is key, will my compromises take me further from His path? Yes, if the answer is yes and you trust that God plan and purpose for your life is the greatest thing, can it be worth making that compromise to temporary worldly gain? No!

Another thing to ask yourself when making these compromises is, 'Is it worth it to be seen in doing something I don't believe in just because it'll mean being seen at all?'

Granted there will be things on my list of things I am willing to do that other Christians may not agree with and things on my list of donts that other people will say is no big deal, you have to be comfortable with your agreement with God and your set values, no mans race is the same.

I've learned more than anything to try not to judge what other people are willing to do that I am not. Someones walk with God could be in a different place from mine, so where they are what I consider a compromise they may not and what I consider sacrifice they may not.

Maybe I have yet to be tested to the extent that those lines may blur just enough, but I believe in always coming back to the centre and knowing what is guiding the decisions I make.