Adeolu Adefarasin


When It Feels Like You're Falling Away

There is a real danger when self satisfaction comes into play and I have noticed this in all walks of life.

We are always trying to avoid feeling pressure, feeling like where we are is not enough, but the funny thing is when you feel that, you have a motivation to work your way out of something,

We all want to feel like we are where we want to be but this, I have learned is a trap. Self satisfaction breeds comfort and comfort is the root of all inaction.

I was recently going through a period where I was really struggling in my faith, but the thing about that is when you know you're struggling you're very intentional about getting out of the struggle, so yes, it wasn't easy but it gave me focus.

Low and behold, with focus and consistency the hard time surpassed. Surprisingly, in the season of comfort came the real test. You know, when you feel like you are now on track is when you run the most risk of running off it. I became so confident in how I was doing faith wise, I became so comfortable that the day to day things, the prayer, the time in the Word, they became more and more irregular.

This is the down side to getting comfortable in your accomplishments, you run the risk of stopping chasing growth. There is always more to learn, always further to go, life isn't the kind of race you can finish on this side of eternity, relationship with God is nothing you can master in totality on this side of eternity.

God is an unending God, you can never learn all of Him while here on earth, so to get comfortable where you are is always the beginning of backsliding.

I have had to continuously remind myself to go back the Source. It is so easy to think you're doing well enough and before you know it things you took your eye off have started to fall away.

There is never enough, we have to keep being intentional, keep seeking more, keep coming back to the Source.