Adeolu Adefarasin


Left Behind

Perspective is a very powerful and scary thing. The lens through which you see will taint most, if not all your opinions.

Two people can have the exact same experiences, be put in the same conditions and surrounded by the same people, who treat them the same way, yet respond in completely opposite manners. Why? Because perspective can completely alter how you receive something, or the results you get.

Why is the Bible adamant that we are transformed by the renewal of our minds? Because when you encounter something in the flesh you respond with fear, but where you encounter it with the mindset of Christ you respond with faith, and your mindset often determines your result, or failing at that your response to a negative outcome.

We seek consistently as the word says to, “…be made Holy, because He was Holy.”and what does it mean to be Holy? It means to be set apart. We cry out to God, “God we want to be more like You, make me Holy like You!” And when God starts the work of sanctifying us, because of poor discernment, we perceive the blessing as a punishment.

Sometimes God is setting you apart and you think everyone is leaving you behind. God has placed you at the forefront of His mind and you think everyone has forgotten you.

When we read the bible, we read it, knowing the end from the beginning, knowing, it works out good for this guy in the end. But how did it look in the moment.

When Joseph had a dream and his brothers didn’t just laugh it off, they plotted to kill him, threw him into a well, sold him into slavery. He must’ve felt rejected, forgotten, foresaken, but what was God doing? SETTING HIM APART!

When Samuel went to the house of Jesse to anoint a new King and David’s father didn’t even invite him for consideration, he musthave felt forgotten, disregarded, inconsequential, but what was God doing? SETTING HIM APART!

When Moses mother had to hide him in basket, and he was found, brough up an orphan, too Egyptian for the Jews, too Jewish for the Egyptians, he must have felt like a nomad, a misfit. When he finally chose a side then accidentally killed a guard and ran off into the wilderness, he must’ve felt like a failure, lost and in abandon, but what was God doing? SETTING HIM APART!

You might feel like you have nowhere to turn, everyone around you is finding success, achieving great things, you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, you feel ashamed, like you’re the only one struggling in your sin, you feel insignificant, like a grasshopper looking at a giant,

but if you could just shift your perspective for a moment,

maybe you cant see light at the end of the tunnel because you are the light in the tunnel.

Maybe you feel like a grasshopper but if you look in you left hand you’ll see a sling and in your right hand you’ll see a stone.

You feel rejected, alone, forgotten, there is no one around you, but maybe you haven’t been left behind, instead you’ve been SET APART, SANCTIFIED, MADE HOLY!

People aren’t running away from you, God is lifting you up, ‘cause what He is calling you to they just aren’t ready for.