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Based On Logistics

No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.
— Matthew 6:24


This thing can drive a wedge between you and God if you're not careful.

When serving God leaves you standing with no idea where the paycheck is coming from, will you do it? I was having this conversation with a friend, serving money over God isn't about wanting more than you need, sometimes it's just about wanting enough to survive. Then God in all His wisdom will call you to do work for which there is NO monetary gain, to step in boldness into no salary.

It's one thing when God is asking you to foresake the money that'll get you that 3rd G wagon, but when He is asking you to foresake the money that'll pay your rent!

Yes I am in the world but not of it, but Baba-J as long as I'm in the world some things cost money? no?

Often obeying God defies all logic.

I am a man, yes I am single, but you have to live thinking towards the future. Based on logistics, you have to be ready to provide for someone, and then a family, take care of a home, be prepared for emergencies. These things require finance. If i say no be money wey I go take do am, wetin I go take?

But this Mighty God we serve says He is our Provider, provision is not necessarily finances! It is easy to get wrapped up in the money, but we are using money to pay for something. If God can give us the things without giving us the money, is there still a problem?

The problem is we are stuck, thinking the way the world thinks, believing money is the key to the resources, but God is. God is the ultimate source!

I am currently in that stalemate with God, we are looking each other eye to eye. He's just waiting for me to step confidently into purpose, See God knows when your obedience is dressed in fear, "God I'll do what you're asking, but let's take it slow, not dive too deep into anything.."

I am excited about where God is taking me, what He has planned for me, what He is doing and will do through me, I want to be obedient and live in that purpose, but to let go of salary...? "Slow down G, how about we find a way to negotiate some finances into all this?"

I am scared, not so sure I'm ready, but I will be obedient, I will be bold and courageous, I will step unashamedly into the purpose God has for me, I will do this incredibly stupid act of faith. I have decided to follow Jesus.

I'll tell you what motivates me to be obedient at this point. My fear comes from the thought of needing finances to provide for the future, whoever and wherever she is, but that future is nothing in comparison to THE future, eternity! And if the decisions I make out of fear or logic lead me to miss out on that eternity, then who was the stupid one? There is a bigger picture than this worldly existence, this is just the waiting room.

Don't lose sight of the most important thing, because this life will trick you into thinking this is it.